Mike Figgis participated in the 24th Busan International Film as Head of Jury for the New Currents


An English film director Mike Figgis had participated in Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) as a jury president of the New Currents.

Well known for his film <Leaving Las Vegas>(1995), which brought Oscar trophy to its star, Nicolas Cage, Figgis started his special bond with BIFF through his film <One Night Stand> (1997).

 BIFF New Currents Award spotlight on the first or second film of new directors who will lead the future of Asian film. A final two films will be selected at the closing ceremony of BIFF.

 Figgis is now up to start the omnibus project <Shame> with Saram Entertainment, a management company representing him during his period of work in Korea.




공명 GongMyoung
권율 Kwon Yul
김성규 Kim Sungkyu
김유안 Kim Yuan
김재영 Kim Jaeyoung
데이비드 맥기니스 David Lee McInnis
문동혁 Moon Donghyeok
박규영 Park Gyuyoung
박예진 Park Yejin
변요한 Byun Yohan
신주환 Shin Juhwan
심달기 Shim Dalgi
엄정화 Uhm Junghwa
유희제 Yoo Heeje
이가섭 Lee Gasub
이기홍 Lee Ki Hong
이성욱 Lee Sungwook
이운산 Lee Woonsan
이하늬 Lee Hanee
전채은 Jeon Chaeeun
정소리 Jeong Sori
정호연 Jung Hoyeon
조진웅 Cho Jinwoong
최수영 Choi Sooyoung
최원영 Choi Wonyoung
최희서 Choi Heeseo/ Moon Choi
한예리 Han Yeri
홍기준 Hong Kijoon