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Youtube 'Doyoulike'

Channel that actor Kwon Yul brings a variety of pleasure in combination with sports

Youtube 'The sootory'

The sootory
Channel that actor and singer Sooyoung talks about her work, daily life, interest, relationship, etc.

Youtube 'Haneemohanee'

Channel that actor Lee Hanee shares her lifestyle

Youtube 'Saramentertainment Login'

Saramentertainment Login
Channel to meet various stories of actors’ ON/OFF from Saram Entertainment

Now I’m gone

Genre : Fantasy, Mystery 

Original : Webtoon <Now I’m gone>

Production : Saram Entertainment, Studio N, JTBC Studio

log-line : A life without any success including love, career. A whole new life lies in front of a man who is about to give up on everything.

*Image source Naver Webtoon <Now I’m gone>

7 years Battle

Genre : History, War, Spy, Drama

Director : Kim Han-min

Writer : Lee sang hyun

Co-Production : Saram Entertainment, Bigstone Pictures

log-line : Late 18th Century, facing the countries which attempt to invade and overpower Joseon, the great general Yi Sun-Shin, Diplomat strategy Lee Deokhyung and Ryu Sungryong are standing together.


Genre : Drama, Black Comedy

Director : Mike Figgis

Writer : Mike Figgis, Hong Yoonhee, Darcey Paquet

Production : Saram Entertainment

log-line : Portrays different people who live their life in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Anthology Omnibus Drama gets you a story of their dilemma and how to solve it.

Garden of Iron

Genre : Family, Drama, Romance, Musical

Original : Lee SoYoung

Director/Adapted Script : Lee Ahn-gyu

Production : Saram Entertainment

log-line : Humanity Musical Drama portrays the people in a region which is facing huge changes in their residences. Music heals the family of miscommunication and sorrow.

7 Things from Wonderland

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, Mystery

Original : Han Jisoo

Production : Saram Entertainment

log-line : One day, People dropped into place like a maze without an exit. There is only one way to go back to reality. Accomplish seven missions together.

Switching App

Genre : SF, Drama

Writers : Kwon Sung-hwi and more

Production : Saram Entertainment, UNHASU film

log-line : SF Drama painting different desires coming from an application that is randomly chosen according to who the user is.


Woman driving BMW

Genre : Mystery, Thriller, Drama

Director/Writer : Hong Yoonhee

Production : Saram Entertainment

log-line : A woman experienced life from others by accident. A woman’s mystery thriller drama contains her attempt to take away a person’s life who has the same name as her.


Ghost Crown Prince

Genre : Fantasy, Action, Romance, Drama

Writer : Kwon Sung-hee

Production : Saram Entertainment

log-line : Unfortunate crown price Sohyun who became a ghost all of a sudden. Watch the newborn K-hero who is in between life and death.

Aloha, My Mothers

Genre : Drama, Humanity, Period

Original : Novel <Aloha, My Mothers> by Lee Geum-yi

Production : Saram Entertainment

log-line : Three women who onboard to Hawaii, dreaming of a better life. A shining story of those three women who lean on each other to go through the harsh reality.

Dead Man

Genre : Drama, Mystery

Director : Ha Joon-won

Starring : Cho Jinwoong, Kim Hee-ae, Lee Soo Kyung

Production : Saram Entertainment, Palette Pictures

Distribution : ContentsWave

log-line : A person who makes money from his name, just being a ‘ghost CEO’. He is falsely accused by $100 million embezzlement and becomes a ‘dead man’ to find who is behind.

Spirit Walker

Genre : Action, Thriller, Mystery

Director : Yoon Jaekeun

Starring : Yoon Kyesang, park yong woo, Im Ji Yeon

Production : Saram Entertainment, BA Entertainment

Distribution : ABO Entertainment, Megabox Joong-Ang Plus M

release date : 2021.11.24

log-line : A man loses his memory and wakes up in a new body every 12 hours, each time forced to discover who he is anew. In his desperate search to find himself, he comes across a woman who claims to recognize him.

An Ethics Lessons

Genre : Crime, Drama

Director : Park Myung Rang

Starring : Lee Je-hoon, Cho Jinwoong, Kim Tae-Hun,  Kwak Do-Won, Moon So-ri

Production : Saram Entertainment, TPS Company

Distribution : Lotte Entertianment

release date : 2013.02.21

log-line : The corpse of a female student is found, and four different suspects are identified. The dead fight between the evils involving phone-tapping, murder, black money, and adultery. These individuals include the dead girl's neighbor, her stalker ex-boyfriend, a university professor having an affair, and a threatening loan shark.

Ghost Sweeper

Genre : Comedy, Horror

Director : Shin Jeong-won

Starring : Kim Soo Ro, Kang Ye Won, Lee Je-hoon, Kwak Do-Won, Kim Yoon Hye

Production : Saram Entertainment, Dasepo Club co

Distribution : Next Entertainment World (New)

release date : 2012.10.03

log-line : Five powerful shaman and a reporter are the only people brave enough to stay in a cursed village to solve the mystery which has been repeated for decades.


고준 Ko Jun
공명 Gong Myoung
권율 Kwon Yul
김민하 Kim Minha
김성규 Kim Sungkyu
김성식 Kim Sungsik
김재영 Kim Jaeyoung
데이비드 맥기니스 David Lee McInnis
문동혁 Moon Donghyeok
민성욱 Min Sungwuk
박규영 Park Gyuyoung
박예진 Park Yejin
변요한 Byun Yohan
서하정 Seo Hajung
신주환 Shin Juhwan
심달기 Shim Dalgi
엄정화 Uhm Junghwa
유희제 Yoo Heeje
이가섭 Lee Gasub
이기홍 Lee Ki Hong
이서준 Lee Seojun
이성욱 Lee Sungwook
이운산 Lee Woonsan
이소이 Lee Soi
이주영 Lee Jooyoung
이하늬 Lee Hanee
전채은 Jeon Chaeeun
정소리 Jeong Sori
정인지 Jeong Inji
정호연 Hoyeon
조진웅 Cho Jinwoong
최민영 Choi Minyeong
최수영 Choi Sooyoung
최원영 Choi Wonyoung
최희서 Choi Heeseo/ Moon Choi
한예리 Han Yeri
홍기준 Hong Kijoon