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Lee Hanee receives commendation by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism


Actress Lee Hanee received the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism commendation at the 2019 Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards (KPCAA) held at Olympic Park Olympic Hall last month.

KPCAA is a government award to improve a social stature of pop culture and encourage artists’ motivations. The event marked the 10th anniversary of its existence. 

“More platforms and content are being created as time goes on. Our seniors have made the perfect beginning for Korean culture, and I will try to show the greatness of it to the world. Thank you for loving pop culture”, Lee said on her acceptance speech.

Lee’s new film, <Black Money>, will be released on November 13th.


SARAM Entertainment NEWSLETTER Vol.08 - OCTOBER 11 2019


Kim Sungkyu and David Lee Mclnnis in Asia Contents Awards


Actor Kim Sungkyu and David Lee Mclnnis participated in Asia Contents Awards.
The 1st Asia Contents Awards had been held at Dongseo University Sohyang Theater on October 6th, hosted by the Busan International Film Festival and the Asian Film Market.

Highly complimented for his performance as Youngshin in Netflix original < Kingdom>, Kim presented the award for the rising star of the year. He also proved his versatility as an actor by successfully taking the role of an unidentified serial killer K in his latest film <The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil>, directed by Lee Wontae.

Mclnnis also honored the event with his presence as an international actor who recently participated in a film <The Rookies> with Darren Wang and Milla Jovovich. He recently caught the public’s attention through surprisingly thoughtful and intensive performances in TVN series <Mr. Sunshine> and OCN series <Kill it>.



Lee Hanee opens up the 24th Busan International Film Festival as a host


Actress Lee Hanee hosted the opening ceremony of the 24th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Lee gave her speech saying, “It is an honor to participate in BIFF as a host. I feel responsible as I announce the beginning of the event. Also, I am excited to meet with people around the world who have a special relationship with film. I hope everyone enjoys the event.” 

Starting with the opening ceremony, Lee participated in various events including <Extreme Job: Open Talk Show> and <Global Open Seminar with SARAM>. Lee also won the “Marie Claire Award” at the 2019 BIFF Asia Star Awards, which admires the achievements of female members of the film industry.

Lee is now up to the release of her new film <Black Money>, directed by Chung Jiyoung, on November 13th, 2019.



Marie Claire Asia Star Awards: Choi Sooyoung proved her ability as a host


Actress Choi Sooyoung showed her versatile talents, this time as a host, by successfully leading Marie Claire Asia Star Awards. The event took place in Haeundae Grand Hotel, Busan, on October 4th.

On its 7th anniversary, the event was full of Asian professionals of the film industry, gathering to honor wonderful actors and filmmakers throughout Asia.

Choi drew the audience’s attention by smoothly managing the overall process of the event with some witty jokes.

Over the past few years, Choi actively performed as a singer and host. Her capabilities as host were proven as she takes in charge of <Hanbam TV>, <2014 MBC Drama Awards>, <13th Seoul International Drama Awards 2018>, and many other events that demand a certain level of managing and leading skills.



Lee Gasub’s <Family Affair> chosen for ‘Korean Cinema Today-Panorama section’ in the 24th Busan International Film Festival


Actor Lee Gasub’s new film <Family Affair>, directed by Lee Dongeun, had been presented for the first time in the 24th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF).

Invited to the ‘Korean Cinema Today-Panorama section’ in BIFF, the film successfully finished its first world premiere.

The film tells the story of three siblings, receiving a postcard from their mother who left them a long time ago. But all it says is “I miss you”. They are disconcerted by the sudden contact, but eventually, go on a trip to meet their mother. Lee took the role of Jaeyoon, the youngest of three siblings.

This up and coming <Door Lock> star was praised for his subtle and emotional performance as he plays Jaeyoon, who has a highly sensitive nature and a dark secret.

The film is set to release in the autumn of 2019.



Saram Entertainment successfully held the [Global Open Seminar with SARAM]


Saram Entertainment (Saram) held the <Global Open Seminar with SARAM> on October 5th at Haeundae Centum City Culture Hall.

The event was split into two parts: the showcase of <Shame> and the seminar on global content business and vision.

CEO of Saram, Lee Soyoung who is the producer of the project announced the Omnibus project <Shame>, which is to be directed by Mike Figgis. 

<Shame> is the Omnibus project, depicting the various emotions of Asian people who live their lives in different ways. The film will capture the irony, pain, and reconciliation that come from the indiscreetness of the world. Additionally, a prestigious English film director Mike Figgis is joining with Asian writers and staff for this project, increasing the public expectations for the cooperation of professionals between East and West.

Figgis is best known for his film <Leaving Las Vegas> (1995), which helped Nicolas Cage to win Academy Award. He first visited Korea in 2018 and was impressed with Korean actors and actresses through K-dramas and films. Then, he decided to launch the Omnibus project <Shame>, produced by Saram Entertainment, for an Asian project. At the 24th Busan International Film Festival, he participated as a president of the jury for New Currents and explained his plan on the Asian market.

Actress Lee Hanee and CEO of Artist International Group (AIG), David Unger joined the seminar for the second part of the event. They shared ideas on the content of business vision in the “multi-platform” period and the Hollywood perspectives on content production and in the Asian Market. The keywords of the seminar were ‘sharing’ and ‘expanding’ in today’s multi-platform period.

Lee Soyoung said in the event, “Marking the 100th anniversary of Korean film, every Saram members congratulate this meaningful day. I thought it would be great to have the time of sharing visions on the future of content and films. I believe that ‘human’ and ‘content’ are the most important things. We need to share the people and content to develop our business in this multi-platform period.”

The host of the event, Saram, had produced films such as <Ghost Sweepers>, directed by Shin Jungwon, and <An Ethics Lesson>, directed by Park Myoungrang. The company is now at the post-production stage of <Spiritwalker(w/t)>, directed by Yoon Jaekeun. Moreover, hosting some events like charity picture, G-cinema project, and environmental campaign <LET’S SAVE THE EARTH>, Saram is well known for its contribution to meaningful social activities


Mike Figgis participated in the 24th Busan International Film as Head of Jury for the New Currents


An English film director Mike Figgis had participated in Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) as a jury president of the New Currents.

Well known for his film <Leaving Las Vegas>(1995), which brought Oscar trophy to its star, Nicolas Cage, Figgis started his special bond with BIFF through his film <One Night Stand> (1997).

 BIFF New Currents Award spotlight on the first or second film of new directors who will lead the future of Asian film. A final two films will be selected at the closing ceremony of BIFF.

 Figgis is now up to start the omnibus project <Shame> with Saram Entertainment, a management company representing him during his period of work in Korea.



SARAM Entertainment NEWSLETTER Vol.07 - SEPTEMBER 06 2019


Kim Sungkyu named as an honorary ambassador of “Chungbuk International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival 2019"


Actor Kim Sungkyu were appointed as an honorary ambassador of “2019 Chungbuk International Martial Arts and Action Film Festival”.

Kim commented on his appointment, “I am glad that I can be the first honorary ambassador of this meaningful film festival. and I will try my best to understand martial arts and make people feel comfortable about it.” Kim will promote the inaugural film festival focusing on martial arts and actions.

“Kim shows an extraordinary aura from his sharp face and performance. We hope that Kim would deliver the meaning of action which has been settled as another genre.” said by the festival representative.

The festival will focus on the classic movies, which bring the nostalgia of the 70’s and 80’s martial arts films along with recent films that have been reconfigured in a modern way.


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