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Actor Gong Myoung signed with Saram Entertainment

Actor Gong Myoung from <Extreme Job> joined Saram Entertainment.
"Gong Myoung is an actor with both acting talent and marketability. He has shown unlimited possibilities with his broad spectrum of attractiveness and we will provide all that is needed to support his career.”, a representative from Saram quoted.
After his debut in the 2013 web drama <After School Missions>, he has broadened his acting spectrum through various projects including <HwaJung>, <The Entertainer>, <Drinking Solo>, <The Bride of Habaek 2017>, <Revolutionary LOVE>, <Feel Good to Die>, <Be Melodramatic>, <A Girl at My Door> and <Susaek>. He has especially shown his lovely yet unique charm when he acted in the movie, <Extreme Job> which attracted more than 16M local audiences last year, recording top-grossed box office among Korean films.


SARAM Entertainment NEWSLETTER Vol.14 - MARCH 6 2020


Actor Lee Jehoon, ‘Time to Hunt’ held a successful screening at The 70th Berlin International Film Festival World Premiere


[CREDIT : COURTESY OF Little Big Pictures]

<Time to Hunt>, a film where an actor Lee Jehoon played the starring role, was the first ever Korean film to be invited to the 70thBerlin International Film Festival Berlinale Special Gala at Friedrichstadt-Palast and its world premiere ended in a success.

On the 22nd at 3:30pm in Berlin, Lee Jehoon attended the photo call and a press conference for <Time to Hunt>, followed by the world premiere screening.

The film <Time to Hunt> was shown on Friedrichstadth-Palast theatre which features 1600 seats, and the tickets were sold out in shortly. After the screening, the audience gave a standing ovation.

Hollywood Reporter gave a favorable review of the film and on Junseok’s character, stating “Endless series of tension, Standing out in the main cast, Junseok(Lee Jehoon) and Jangho (Ahn Jaehong) strongly engage the viewers’ sympathy both as orphans without families and blood brothers who stand united in their moment of greatest need."

Variety commented, “<Time to Hunt> is slow to get started, but once Junseok's plan goes into action, it hardly ever decelerates.” And The Upcoming commented "This excellent revenge thriller carries itself with real imaginative verve and technical confidence."

<Time to Hunt> is a thriller capturing four friends with a dangerous plan for a new life and an anonymous man chasing after them. Lee Jehoon played Junseok, who plans for on a dangerous operation for the brand new life.


Actor Cho Jinwoong invited to the 18th Florence Korea FilmFest...Holding Actor’s master class


An Actor Cho Jinwoong was selected by the 18th Florence Korean FilmFest as the host of Actor’s Master class.

As a special guest, Cho Jinwoong will be attending the 18th Florence Korean FilmFest, held for 9 days from March 19 to 27th in Cinema La Compagnia, Florence, Toscana Italy. This special exhibition will feature 6 main films, including director Kim Seonghoon’s‘ A Hard Day’, Lee Wontae’s ‘Man of Will’, Lee Haeyoung’s 'Believer’, Lee J.Q.(Lee Jaegyu)’s ‘Intimate Strangers', Yongsoo’s ‘Man of Men’, and 'Black Money’(dir. Chung Jiyoung). This is particularly meaningful as Black Money, where Cho Jinwoong and Lee Hanee play a leading role is selected as the first film to be shown Opening Film.

Cho Jinwoong will be holding a master class for students at the university of Florence, Pisa, and Bologna to talk about the various films. He will also meet with the media and the audience through a press conference and interactions with the audience.

Florence Korea FilmFest introduces the various genres of Korean film and is the oldest festival in Italy introducing Korean films. It is held through Taegukgi-Toscana Korea Association where Riccardo Gelli is the chairman, and is supported by Toscana Film commission, the city of Tuscany, and the Korean Film Council.


SARAM Entertainment NEWSLETTER Vol.13 - FEBRUARY 8 2020


Lee Jehoon to Attend the Berlin Film Festival for His Coming Film “Time to Hunt”

[CREDIT : COURTESY OF Film ‘Time to Hunt’]

Actor Lee Jehoon is expected to attend the 70th Berlin International Film Festival for the film <Time to Hunt>, which he played the lead role.

Lee Jehoon’s new film <Time to Hunt>, directed by Yoon Sunghyun has been included in the 70th Berlin International Film Festival as a part of Berlinale Special Gala at Friedrichstadt-Palast.

Carlo Chatrian, the artistic director of the festival commented <Time to Hunt> as a “gripping, timely thriller that always keeps viewers on edge of their seats.” and also expected “the director and the wonderful cast to have explosive reaction from audience.”

 With its world premiere honor in Berlin, <Time to Hunt>, will be released in Korea, in February. The film is the first Korean film to be shown at the section. Also, it was pre-sold to more than 20 countries including Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

 Lee Jehoon played Junseok, who plans for on an dangerous operation for the brand new life. He will attend the red carpet of the festival, along with the screening and press conference.

 The 70th Berlin Film Festival will be held around Berlin, Germany from 20th February to 1st March.



'Minari’, starring Han Yeri to win the Grand Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival

Han Yeri on winning awards “'Minari’ is a film the audience can connect to overcoming the language barrier.”


Actress Han Yeri made an acceptance speech after winning two awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

<Minari> starring Han Yeri won The Grand Jury Prize and The Audience Award in the U.S. Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, honoree of double trophy winner. It is the only film which took two awards home among the films that won Grand Jury Prize.


Through her agency, SARAM Entertainment, Han Yeri said “It was hot summer last year, I am reminded of the time I spend with fellow actors and staff, I am so happy we have a good result came from that.”

She also added that she is grateful to meet good friends through <Minari>. “<Minari> is a film you can connect to, after overcoming the language barrier, I am looking forward to the day we can meet more audience everywhere.” she showed her love for the film.

<Minari> features a Korean immigrant family in the 1980s, seeking the American Dream in Arkansas, U.S. Other casts include Steven Yeun, Youn Yuh Jung, Will Patton, Alan S. Kim, and Noel Kate Cho. The director Lee Isacc Chung whose feature debut <Munyurangabo> was invited to the Cannes Film Festival and won Grand Jury Prize at AFI Film Festival.

<Minari> has earned huge attention from the audience and the press after its screenings. It was welcomed with cheers and applause both at the Library Center Theater on 26th and Eccles Theater on 28th.

After the screenings, Han Yeri who attended GV stated, “In Korea, eating a meal together means they are a family, Our team became a real family during the shooting by having meals together.” said Han Yeri, showing affection toward the film.

The Washington Post commented “<Minari> has been an unquestionable high point to this year’s Sundance, a breakout critical hit with exquisite tenderness and simple beauty brings to life a classic immigrant tale and a compassionate family drama.” The Wrap, The Playlist, and Indiewire gave <Minari> a high rating and commented that they “count <Minari> among the very best movies of 2020 already.”


SARAM Entertainment NEWSLETTER Vol.12 - JANUARY 23 2020


Starring Han Yeri, ‘Minari’ to Have World Premiere at Sundance Film Festival


Actress Han Yeri’s first American film, <Minari>, will host its world premiere at the 36th Sundance Film Festival.

According to the festival website, <Minari> has been invited to the U.S. Dramatic Competition and will be shown five times from January 26th to February 1st. It is the only film that stars Korean actress in a leading role among films that compete for U.S. Dramatic Competition.

The film will cover a South Korean immigrant family who moves to a farm in Arkansas for the American Dream. Including Han Yeri, the film stars Steven Yeun, Youn Yuh Jung, Will Patton, Alan S. Kim, and Noel Kate Cho. The film is written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung whose first film, <Munyurangabo>, was invited to Cannes Film Festival and won a Grand Jury Prize at AFI Fest.

The film is co-produced by Brad Pitt’s Plan B, from <12 Years a Slave>, <World War Z>, and <Okja>, and presented by A24 from <Moonlight>, <The Florida Project> and <Lady Bird>.

Han has proved her wide spectrum of performances by appearing in various films, including the film <As One>, <Haemoo>, <Worst Woman>, as well as TV series <Six Flying Dragons>, <Hello My Twenties>, and <The Nokdu Flower>.

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival will be hosted from January 23rd to February 2nd in Park City, Utah.


Model Jung Hoyeon Signs With Saram Entertainment


Korean model Jung Hoyeon has signed with Saram Entertainment.

“Jung is attractive in many ways and has a lot of potentials. We will fully support her that she can start her career as an actress and broaden her boundaries”, commented by a representative of Saram.

Jung made her debut through On Style survival program <Korea’s Next Top Model 4> and became runners-up on the competition. Then, she starred on many variety shows like MBC every1 <The Most Beautiful Days>, On Style <How to fit: Glam vs. Slim> and showed her charms to the public.

Jung has her presence in both domestic and international fashion shows and commercials. She keeps participations at the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks – New York, London, Milano, and Paris. Moreover, she won the Asia Star Award in Model in 2019 Asia Model Festival in SEOUL Asia Model Awards and has been chosen as Top 50 models at the global model website ‘’ for four consecutive years.



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